Office of Academic Advising

Office of Academic Advising


Our Mission

The mission of academic advising at SUNY New Paltz is to assist students as they develop meaningful educational plans to help them achieve their academic, career, and life goals. 

The Office of Academic Advising (OAA) supports this mission by advising SUNY New Paltz undergraduates* who are in the process of selecting majors. The OAA is integrated with the Center for Student Success to provide whole student support and partners with faculty in support of advising efforts, as outlined here.    


*Students in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) are advised by EOP staff, located in Haggerty Administration Building, Room 19, at 845-257-3220 or 845-257-3226.

For business students, please contact the Center for Business Advising, located in van den Berg Hall, Room 206, at or 845-257-2909.

For education students, please contact Academic Advising, Education Programs, located in Old Main Building, Room 115A, or 845-257-2860.


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